“These days, everyone is out for blood , so could you butcher me some kindness?”

Birthday Crisis

If your boyfriend wants to buy you something for your birthday that you can carry with you always, what do you think you might suggest to him?



A larger version and a few of my favorite details from the 53”x30” “Paths of the Ring” Lord of the Ring movie trilogy map from my show at g1988.  It’s not a really internet friendly piece - it’s just too big - but here’s some more close-ups.  Some of the my favorite details are Bilbo’s smoke rings, the barely legible birthday banner, the tiny birds around the Aragonath, the discarded lembas bread on the staircase, and Minas Morgul - the Dead City (and possible home of the 2024 Summer Games - fingers crossed)… 

(via bikepathsandheartbreaks)